3. English Summary

The Amendment of the Austrian climate protection Act


In an amendment of the climate protection Act Austria´s legislators are stipulating thresholds for the period from 2013-2020 to reduce Austria´s greenhouse gas emissions. This is a first (small) step into the right direction of acknowledging the significance of climate protection. Sadly the reduction thresholds do not represent ambitious goals to contribute to the world wide effort on climate protection

ECJ Decision on interim relief and access to documents in environmental procedures

Within case C-416/10 the ECJ for the first time explicitly expresses its view on the question of necessity for interim relief in judicial review proceedings under Article 15a of the IPPC Directive also referring to Article 9, paragraph 4 Aarhus Convention. It is important to highlight that the Court notes that, especially in procedures relating to the environment, the granting of temporary relief has great relevance, since environmental harm is difficult to reverse, if once produced. Furthermore, the Court stated that for effective public participation it is important that all relevant information is to be made available. This interpretation of the IPPC Directive and the direct invocation of the Aarhus Convention can be highlighted as important steps for the improvements of the quality of public participation in environmental matters on EU level.

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