3. English Summary

Who observes environmental protection? – A new system of environmental inspections within the Industrial Emissions Directive

By implementing the Industrial Emissions Directive Austria is obliged to introduce a system of environmental inspections. On going legal review processes show that instead of a comprehensive system, rather a fragmented system on environmental inspections is in elaboration at the moment. This despite of the overall European intentions to develop a unified system of environmental inspections on European level in order to be able to create a level playing field in this matter.


The decision ACCC/C/2010/54 of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee

In its decision of June 29th 2012 the ACCC stated that the EU failed to set up concrete ordinances concerning the elaboration of NREAPs and furthermore failed to supervise the public participation during the elaboration of the action plan. The EU is now obligated to set up precise provisions concerning NREAPs and to fulfil its watchdog task throughout the elaboration process especially concerning public participation in compliance with the Aarhus convention

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