OEKOBUERO consists of 16 NGOs promoting environmental nature & animal protection. It was established in January 1993 as coordinator of the Austrian environmental organizations Greenpeace Austria, WWF Austria, Friends of the Earth Austria and Umweltforum - forum of Austrian scientists for environmental protection.

Our Vision 

The vision of OEKOBUERO is a society in which people deal respectfully with their environment, the animals and each other. We want to preserve our habitat, so it will still be available for future generations.Together with its member organizations and other civil society actors who share our goals, OEKOBUERO forms an influential part of the environmental movement. OEKOBUERO represents the common long-term  interests of its member organizations.


Our Mission 

OEKOBUERO is the central counterpart of the environmental movement. The common long-term goals of our member organizations are the base of our activities.Together with its affiliates, OEKOBUERO increases the influence and importance of the environmental movement through the creation of legal, political and financial conditions that encourage an effective eco-political action.OEKOBUERO provides legal and political competence for its assoiciate NGOs to be included in their campaign work.It aims for effective legal instruments to protect the environment and animals. The organisation provides legal and political expertise for the environmental movement.


Our Values

OEKOBUERO's most important value of its work is credibility by maintaining objectivity and impartiality. This means that OEKOBUERO is particularly aims to display its expertise by its skills and competence.OEKOBUERO acts critically and respectfully in discussion with its dialogue groups. We thereby represent our interests objectively based, solution-oriented and consistent. OEKOBUERO is independent, incorruptible and uninfluenceable. OEKOBUERO advocates for democratic and transparent decision-making processes. Therefore, it also opposes any form of violence.


Our Dialogue Groups 

The dialogue groups of OEKOBUERO are the member organizations, stakeholders, citizens' initiatives and other influential civil society actors. We particularly address governmental cabinets and decision-makers from public administration, the economy, the political parties and the social partners.Key stakeholders and target groups are also citizens' initiatives and groups that deal with civic involvement and law, as well as opinion leaders in media, sciences and civil society.OEKOBUERO cooperates with its dialogue groups in political and specialized processes, unless it contravenes its vision, its values or its goals.



OEKOBUERO itself also is a member of international organizations such as:


  • European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

The European Environmental Bureau in Brussels is the umbrella organisation for over 150 environmental organisations from more than 31 countries through out Europe.


  • Justice & Environment (J&E)

Justice & Environment  is a European Network of Environmental Law Organisations, working in Europe and consisting of organisations from different countries dealing with environmental law solely or as one of their activities.


Contact Details 

ÖKOBÜRO - Allianz der Umweltbewegung

Neustiftgasse 36/3a

A-1070 Wien

Tel +43 1 524 93 77

Fax + 43 1 524-93-77/20

email: office@oekobuero.at

Our Staff 

Mr. Thomas ALGE, Director, thomas.alge@oekobuero.at

Mr. Thomas MOERDINGER, Public-Affairs, thomas.moerdinger@oekobuero.at

Ms. Daniela LATTNER, Office Manager, daniela.lattner@oekobuero.at

Ms. Birgit SCHMIDHUBER, Environmental Lawyer, birgit.schmidhuber@oekobuero.at

Mr. Gregor SCHAMSCHULA, Environmental Lawyer, gregor.schamschula@oekobuero.at

Ms. Anne ERWAND, Communications & CSR, anne.erwand@oekobuero.at

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