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& nbsp; & nbsp; New Hope Argentine football Messi has become the world's hottest football star, although unable to participate in Sunday's top World War II and Valencia, Messi still unanimous praise bat Corps generals. Valencia coach Flores believes Messi Barca most irreplaceable, "clown" Ai Maer prophecy Macy promising future. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to strength on the court recognized, the commercial value of OTC Macy also favored by many businesses. The world's two largest sports equipment maker Adidas and Nike as he does not hesitate to go to court, just to let the "Maradona successor" to put on their own production of football boots! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas has announced nearly one million euros per year of high-paying contract with Macy's to 2012, in the King's Cup with Zaragoza game, Barcelona on the 19th has been wearing off of the original Nike shoes, put on Adidas boots, he will wear Adidas participate in this summer's World Cup, which is obviously Barca shirt sponsor Nike unacceptable result. Adidas then how can Americans sit away from Barcelona's Saviola recurrence! According to the Argentine "clarion" said Nike is ready access to the courts: "Nike think they already have a contract with Macy earlier, so Adidas and Lionel Messi contract is invalid." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas respond quickly, one with Macy familiar Adidas press statement officer noted that Argentine and Nike did not sign any agreement: "Messi is the Adidas man, because he has and we formally signed, and he does not have any relationship with Nike. We are signing his contract in the case of mutual agreement, absolutely valid. "It is reported that Adidas F50 series will be the prototype for a tailor Messi World Cup new sneakers, the above will not only printed on the Macy's number and name, but also can add the Argentine flag. Adidas Spain and Portugal Regional Director Theresa said: "Messi and we have under contract, in order to keep him that we will do whatever it takes." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Massey dispute" as ADIDAS and NIKE competition kicked off this year's World Cup on the two companies headed star will direct dialogue. Nike spokesman Luo size mainly Brazilian star led a congregation, another sponsor of the national team they have in Brazil, Portugal and Mexico; Adidas network of Riquelme, the Argentine star Javier Saviola, etc., in addition to Beckham and Raul et al., World Cup hosts Germany, France and Spain and other football powers are going to be wearing Adidas jersey combat.since the Adidas Originals and mastermind JAPAN mastermind JAPAN x adidas Originals Hardland for the first time, this pair of retro rich shoes instantly win the attention of global shoe fans. This time Adidas Originals published a new s jordans on sale mens eries of Hardland Color Pack, a total of four follow up a victory with hot pursuit, color, each pair of are made of very much color is wild, the upper top leather, suede, snake skin pressure, Adidas Originals shoes fans new sense of visual impact, more than four Adidas Originals Hardland Color Pack is expected to be launched in the winter time, you want to start a friend please pay more attention to. Nike Cortez Ultra Moire officially released 2016-6-25 20:40 upload and download annex (49.52 KB); this pair of shoes is called Agam shoes classic, we ushered in the new complex it this year, Nike will use the punching uppers instead of the previous upper and heel cortex, embroidery is also used injection of 3M elements, yet no available information.Capsule x Reebok Question 1 Mid joint project 2016-02-11 13:20:04 this year is the birth of Reebok Question 1 20th anniversary, coincides with 20th anniversary important days, Reebok also for Question 1 brought a lot of cooperative shoes. This time, together with the Toronto shoe store Capsule, brought the "Wind Chill" color matching Reebok Question 1. It is learnt that the design inspiration of the shoes is inspired by the local weather in Toronto and is released during the all star period. 〈br adidas="" originals="" obyo="" david="" leather="" beckham="" -="" zx800="" 2013-12-08="" 22:27:48adidas Originals now design work by one of the founders of James Bond UNDFTD, this season James Bond to Adidas Originals hot shoes ZX 800 as the design blueprint, with high-end leather material to create the latest leather version ZX 800 for David Beckham. The shoe upper use of the finest leather material, color on the launch of two versions of brown and black. Vamp exudes a out of the ordinary luster texture, with white midsole and suture, to just perfect decorative effect, also with the tongue and the shoe body is golden ZX800 and Clover logo, played a finishing touch effect, very texture.Ewing Athletics Rogue engraved release 2014-10-16 16:06:42 Ewing Athletics will soon marketed its classic shoes Rogue II, this name will be engraved defined as Rogue. In the decision for the first time this year after a lapse of many years engraved, shoes maintain a 90's retro flavor. Although this may not wear shoes in the basketball court battle, but as retro shoes to wear would be a good choice. It is reported that the shoes will be commercially available later this month, like a friend can look at it. & nbsp; NEO exclusive fan experience! 2013-12-08 23:44:31 China, Shanghai (October 5, 2013) - In the upcoming concert in Shanghai the first few hours, adidas NEO Label global brand spokesperson Justin. Bibb evacuated visited on the 4th floor of the Adidas NEO Brand Center Shanghai concept Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale store, bringing surprised idols will meet very excited for the 130 lucky fans NEO! As adidas NEO Label image store point, Shanghai NEO brand concept store shows the new generation of all-round way of life, this occasion is a global icon Justin. Bieber in Shanghai's "Believe" world tour warm-up, NEO concept store held a make fans surprises of the afternoon feast. Initially enthusiastic fans came NEO concept store only thought they could have a chance with the idol Justin. Bieber performed live video calls, but the pop star Justin Timberlake. When Bieber himself personally appeared without warning event, unexpected arrival idols make fans ecstatic! Justin. Bieber said: "I am pleased adidas NEO Label giving me this opportunity, let me in before the Shanghai show tonight to see so many fans world tour is actually very busy, so face to face with the likes of me and loved NEO. Fans contacts ... It's really cool! " pop star's tour warm-up Party is naturally an important role in the music, fans have the opportunity to enjoy the first to Justin. Bieber's official concert DJ Tay James brings musical feast, with brilliant full DJing skills NEO global brand ambassador until shortly before arrival, so the venue excitement continues to heat up. & Nbsp; The activity of each site are a fan and have the opportunity to personally idol Justin. Bieber face and posed for pictures, and receive adidas NEO Label & nbsp; x Justin. Bieber exclusive signature poster as a souvenir gift and NEO notebook. One of diehard fans of Janice Chen said:! "God saw Justin Bieber in real life is my ultimate dream come true, in particular, or in one of my favorite brands ~ adidas NEO Label shop. achieve, other than the primary powder were to see him, they also are super crazy NEO gives us the opportunity of a lifetime, really pleasantly surprised and grateful "& nbsp!.; In addition, fans will also enjoy the lovable NEO snacks and use emoticons machine NEO exclusive photo sessions and share their experiences with friends surprise. Meet the whole scene more shot footage for NEO and Justin. Bieber fans can watch the world's most exciting activities segment. Simon Millar, vice president of China Adidas sports fashion brand said:. "NEO brand itself represents a young fearless courage to explore the spirit of exploration of surprises and NEO for Justin Bieber fans, the idol star. interact personally appeared in the party scene is cool and unexpected initiative, adidas NEO Label has always been committed to inspire younger interest, this event provides us with a golden opportunity for the fans as well as NEO's China than powder the opportunity to experience and understand the brand's unique charm. can invite Justin Bieber has become a global brand spokesperson NEO cheap air jordans and sponsored his China trip, we are very proud, and today he could come to Shanghai NEO brand concept store is also really very excited! " all those involved in field activities fans are able adidas NEO Label official Weibo appreciation and Justin. Bieber's photo and video viewing activity. Nike Air Force 1 Low Cool Grey burst crack appreciate 2014-02-24 21:07:37 Before we had to bring this pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low spy photos, and now the Internet has finally exposed a clear picture. Shoes with nubuck leather fabric with a burst crack material combinations to create shoes, outsole, Swoosh and heel and other details of the location of places uniform fluorescent color embellishment. Although we can build through NIKEiD similar color, but normal sale of the shoe will still predictable. Currently foreign websites for sale, the sale price is $ 90, conditional friends can look at. Under the public would expect, the world's leading sports brand PUMA unveiled the latest limited edition football boots evoACCURACY mystery. EvoPOWER series as a member, launched a new football boots This limited edition is designed to further optimize the time of shooting and passing accuracy. Shoes are bold and distinctive use of color, combined with fluorescent yellow, green, blue and white and other colors, is ? PUMA football star Mario Balotelli (Mario Balotelli) exclusive boots.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the highly anticipated 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has become the past, but the focus of discussions about the Olympics, Liu Xiang out of the race but still lingering, Liu Xiang out of the race so that the whole world was shocked, but also make endorsements brands by surprise. Then the face of this emergency situation, how to respond quickly and effectively, which greatly test of the brand manufacturer. Liu Xiang out of the race into a network of community focus odd cool online community research institutions 246,715,876 blog posts and data across the network during the Olympic Games in August 2008 the community was analysis, which has a number of features articles for Liu Xiang 846,000, which informed the recent "Liu Xiang" has become the focus of the Olympic Games the most talked about online communities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; data show: Liu Xiang out of the race after the incident, Liu Xiang, the instant attention of the outbreak in the community 1, the data changes from the overall trend, Liu Xiang event After the occurrence, the community's attention an instant upgrade. This phenomenon once again proves that the online community has become a hot spot was found, as well as the main platform for the spread of hot and ways to expand hotspots; 2, the community's attention, Liu an jordan 3 katrina 2018 nounced on August 18 after the game peaked . After the incident, attention, Liu Xiang slow downward trend, users of Liu Xiang's focus more on the discussion turned to retire the event. China's Internet community is gradually becoming a mature and rational speech odd place to cool a large number of users on the basis of Liu Xiang attitude survey found that Chinese Internet community is gradually becoming a rational mature remarks place, then for the business, the online community has become an important part of the business of network marketing can not be ignored. Data Display: Sign for Liu Xiang, in the community, the more the voice response expressed understanding, regret and to accept 1, from the entire community for Liu Xiang The move, in support of the attitude of the users accounted for 66% of the proportion. China's Internet users are rational, Chinese Internet community is gradually becoming a mature and rational remarks place; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2, reflecting the sound out from the community point of view, expressed understanding, support and regret the attitude of the three accounts in the top three. Here is an example of a specific point of view of users: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike and Lenovo for Liu Xiang Two Strategies Liu Xiang suddenly out of the race, making its endorsement brand manufacturers by surprise, facing the unexpected situation, Liu Xiang The endorsement of the brand manufacturers should take timely and appropriate measures to deal with vendors measure different attitude, but also caused a different response effect, here we are with Nike and Lenovo as an example to illustrate. The first is Liu Xiang's attitude after the game, the Nike brand, Nike issued an official statement:. "Liu Xiang, China has been the most outstanding track and field athletes, Nike is working closely with Liu Xiang and proud at this time. We understand his feelings, and look forward to his comeback. "Nike on advertising, the replacement of the print ads, August 19 a new version of Liu Xiang advertising in major print and online media delivery. Look at Liu Xiang's attitude after the game, the Lenovo brand, Lenovo Group, said, "continue to be assessed whether the expiration of the contract." Lenovo on advertising, will be put in the television media and subway station by Liu Xiang endorsement Lenovo laptop ads, all taken down. Liu Xiang Nike and Lenovo are two effects of different coping strategies Two different coping strategies, resulting in two different effects, let's look at two data graph. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; data show: Liu Xiang After the game, the users attention for Nike significantly increased attention to enhance the rate of 87.88% 1, Nike, Liu Xiang after the game in a timely manner replaced in the print media and online media based advertising, public opinion and get a great deal of concern about the increase. 2, users Lenovo brand pulled Liu Xiang's endorsement ad feedback is not good, after Liu Xiang in the incident, Lenovo brand awareness to enhance the rate of only 40.66%. Lenovo did not get the chance to take advantage of to enhance brand awareness. Let's take another look before Liu Xiang, the users change the ratio of Nike, the Lenovo brand attitudes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; data show: Liu Xiang after the game, users increased significantly to Nike's attention, attention to enhance the rate of 87.88% 1, Nike Liu Xiang after the game promptly replaced in the print media and online media based advertising, public opinion and get a great deal of concern about the increase. 2, users Lenovo brand pulled Liu Xiang's endorsement ad feedback is not good, after Liu Xiang in the incident, Lenovo brand awareness to enhance the rate of only 40.66%. Lenovo did not get the chance to take advantage of to enhance brand awareness. Let's take another look before Liu Xiang, the users change the ratio of Nike, the Lenovo brand attitudes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Based on the above analysis, we get the following three conclusions: 1, Liu Xiang out of the race after the incident, the community concern about the surge, significant growth. It can be said the community is to find hot spots, hot spots spread and the expansion of hotspots major platforms and pathways, enterprise vendors should focus on the role of the Internet community in the word of mouth marketing; 2, Liu Xiang out of the race event attitudes from friends point of view, shows that China's Internet users are rational, Chinese Internet community is becoming a mature and rational speech places; 3, Liu Xiang, although to some extent, so be certain to suffer endorsement of the brand loss, but after the incident, or it can be used as an opportunity as a marketing breakthrough. Changing advertising and marketing strategies of each brand, in the community can get timely feedback, Nike, Lenovo's Liu Xiang after the game in a different approach, showing that "homeopathy", "contrarian" of the different results in the community response to public opinion in order to win popular support, "the flow" is the key! sources have recently released a Jordan Melo 11 clear version of the spy network, through the bottom side of the TPU spy and had a high degree of fit, let us also feel very credible. My new shoes seems to point the day and await for it. 2012-1-7 09:05 upload and download the attachment (90.35 KB) if you remember in the beginning of last October in the Eastern District of Taipei by the famous Japanese brand BEAUTY& the first period YOUTH opened Limited shop, the BEAUTY& YOUTH; to find the famous shoe Converse, teamed up to create Beauty & Youth x Converse Jack Purcell, in the type of shoes used commonly known as open smile (Jack Purcell) version crafted, the color provides two colors to choose collocation, interested friends please don't miss.As this year's main push Nike shoes Nike Roshe Run, as we reported earlier have been a few double to cater specifically to create innovative winter models. Recently the network again released one pair of the shoes of a new color, red fabric shoe body with brown Swoosh and outsole, so that the shoes overall quite autumn maple flavor, while the introduction of the color of the season, no doubt want you to break winter color The monotony, but in the end how cold it is strong, it also requires the test of time, it is learned that the shoes have been commercially available in some online stores, priced 89 euros, number 511881-660, like a friend may wish to focus about friends. adidas T-Mac 3 Retro duck color physical exposure 2014-02-24 21:03:20 Following the adidas had burst in Yuanyang form in this year engraved McGrady 2004 all-star boots, overwhelmed, this adidas T-Mac 3 Retro duck color in kind for the first time on the network exposure. The whole body with patent leather material presented in the classic version is still today regarded as a classic shoe fans friends, from the physical picture point of view, although the color and material and the first year of nearly the same version, but seems to have on shoes a little deviation. But for the faithful honey wheat, the ability to have access to this duck boots again, is a very happy thing. The Internet rumors adidas T-Mac 3 Retro duck color will in the years after listing, has not yet announced specific dates. Jordan Brand Flight 23 North America's first franchise store opening soon 2014-02-24 21:04:47 Saturday, is located in prime locations in New York, North America's first franchise store Jordan Brand Flight 23 will be formally opened the shop is jointly celebrated by the Jordan Brand retailers & nbsp; Footaction together to create, store is located in the basketball shrine Madison Square near the garden, the specific location of ???? 34th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenue. It is reported that the shop hanging over a full 350 golden ornaments Jumpman, extremely luxurious. In the opening day, Flight 23 also replenishment, including Air Jordan 1 Retro "Bred" heavyweight product for you, including AJ fans. It is reported that Flight 23 will be US time at 11:00 on February 1 from the outside world, where you may wish to go to New York, "worship" look! currently in fashion circles fiery Hood By Air in just stepped into 2015 today will bring you the latest spring and summer series Photos this brand clothing, overwhelmed by the designer continues the brand's style, the " HBA ", are perfect geometry loaded on top of clothing design, this series of single products were identified, including T-shirt, sweater, shirts and hoodies and other classic products, to simply find the highlights of the series, that was undoubtedly the" mushroom cloud "none other than a very bold design suction eye, I believe this year's Fuji index trend Circle. It is reported that the series has now landed brands designated shops for sale, interested friends may wish to look at it.Custom Customs will start the big JBF to meet the 2014 NBA all star theme to push new, the "all star / Clown" Air Jordan 3 color light shoes material for shark skin, Python and kangaroo leather quality material collocation, keep the original color and improve the texture of the shoes. This dual customization will be open at on February 28th. air-jordan-3-shark-python-kangaroo-joker-02.jpg (140.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:22 2014-2-7 air-jordan-3-shark-python-kangaroo-joker-04.jpg (97.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:22 2014-2-7 air-jordan-3-shark-python-kangaroo-joker.jpg (121.55 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:22 2014-2-7 air-jordan-3-shark-python-kangaroo-joker-05.jpg (112.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:22 2014-2-7 air-jordan-3-shark-python-kangaroo-joker-03.jpg (96.12 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:22 2014-2-7 adidas Consortium from the marathon performance design from Boston Super and Marathon TR extraordinary two running shoes in inspiration, and launched Boost Mid and Energy composed of Ultra Boost Run Thru Time. Two new Primeknit Boost top configuration collocation are crafted, supplemented by 3M decorative details, interested friends please pay more attention. nike-wmns-air-force-1-low-dark-loden-suede-1.jpg (44.02 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 Suede brand new color 2015-7-13 upload at 15:51 2.jpg (99.71 KB, download times: 12) download attachment step by step, Paris fashion week, Sneaker, 2014-7-4 upload at 10:10 nike-sock-dart-2.jpg (165.75 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike Sock Dart 2 for the first time exposure 2017-3-19 upload at 12:45 nike-sock-dart-2-1.jpg (210.19 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Nike Sock Dart 2 for the first time exposure 2017-3-19 upload at 12:45 nike-sock-dart-2-2.jpg (136.5 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike Sock Dart 2 for the first time exposure 2017-3-19 12:45 upload Nike, Sock Dart 200