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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in November 2011, "LUNAR RUN Nike 10 kilometers," the sky in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing on the 20th, the game Shanghai stop start, 8:00 the same day! Edison following the i club performances Shanghai Fuxing Park, and immediately continued his "stealing money plan" to "David Yahng" participate on behalf of the Nike shoe held "2011 LUNAR RUN Nike 10 km" race activities, and ultimately In 44 minutes and 24 points, good results to finish the course. I believe participated in the 2010 Nike running presumptuous friends still remember the scene of the game. November 26, "2011LUNAR RUN Nike 10 km" race event will once again airborne background, most professional running training camp, 10 km the most exciting race, the most luxurious star concert are waiting for you to join! Immediately enlist LUNAR RUN Nike 10 km, with a movement to conquer, conquer the storm, conquer 10 kilometers, the ultimate challenge of the journey (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre)!Good joint design Reebok x Hanon NPC 2 2013-12-08 22:43:07, recently well-known British trend store Hanon teamed up with Reebok, to Reebok's birth in 80s classic shoes NPC 2 as the design blueprint, to create two pairs of different color matching Reebok x Hanon NPC 2. NPC 2 and the type of shoes in today is still such a classic, and Hanon design in the full sense of the trend, the cooperation, the two shoe shoes are used to create suede, leather lining and collocation translucent crystal, great texture, Logo and bronzing on the sides of the shoe body is particularly conspicuous that is definitely a good joint attempt. It is reported that the two pairs of shoes will be landed in November 30th, Hanon stores Limited sale.W cheap foamposites hen John Elliott abandoned the common lines and canvas materials of shoes, and made a more fluent and luxurious NikeLab version of the high cylinder, Nike returned to the original appearance of Air Force 1. In the "Binary Blue", this pair of Vandal style Air Force 1 in white canvas version, which is more eye-catching bright red clear shoe line structure, in addition to the more rubber outsole blessing presents retro sense arise spontaneously! Shoes are on sale, priced at $110.from the 1990 issue of the ASICS Gel-Lyte III began the first double, neat contour and multi-level stitching shoes are a lot of attention, the introduction of combination of marble bag, with black, white and red color as the canvas, and the nature of the lines, the picturesque view. ASICS GEL-Lyte 'III Marble Injection' Pack is black and white has been on the official website of ASICS, Titolo, Sneakersnstuff and other European channel sale, the United States is expected in May 14th in Wish ATL, BAIT shop selling point. source: Wish ATLThe first day of NBA free market opening is quite lively, the number of transactions have occurred and the news star signing a new contract, and shoes market today also has heavy news came out, that is Klay Thompson and ANTA agreed to extend the agreement, the two sides signed a contract for a period of 10 years, the gross of $80 million (including a paper award the terms, will maintain cooperative relations) until 2026; in addition to Nice Kicks reported that the contract will make him become the more than 10 player to squeeze the income of NBA before the history of endorsement. 2015 Klay Thompson a year to about $2 million price tag after its accession to the ANTA, during this period he twice won the NBA championship, on behalf of the United States won two gold me air jordan 11 space jam for sale dals in the international arena, and the future have the opportunity to continue to add more awards, his basketball career the 27 year old is to the top, and at this time brand extension should be appropriate, for both sides have a positive benefit. In this section and ANTA Total War relations, Klay Thompson also said that at the beginning, but not for ANTA is to understand, but with another client, Klay Thompson agent - Rajan Rondo gave him some advice, said about the potential of the brand and the China market, also considering that he is willing to ANTA tailored personal signature product line, and tour activities, these benefits is he in the United States a few sports giant such as Nike, Adidas more difficult to win; now he went to a total of four times Chinese tour, and get ready to usher in KT3 this year, continues to expand his popularity territory, "I hope one day to become ANTA Michael Jordan. "Klay Thompson said," at present, he really has the opportunity to become the most representative brand in the history of the star. source: since its launch in 1997 is entering its twenty year Nike Air Foamposite One can be said to be a lot of senior fans of the classic memories, which made the appearance of beetle belly inspiration let the author particularly deep impression, but this material even influence the development and trend of many shoes. The upcoming upcoming "Optic Yellow", the use of color is very full of bright yellow for the spindle to build, in a strong sense of contrast, more to create a highly dynamic atmosphere. Taiwan is expected in June 24th listed, price: NT$7900 yuan, for everyone finishing has announced to sell dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling mechanisms and place please store transaction announcement, department sto foamposites for cheap res, shops also please contact shoe for self exploration. Zhi Zhi movement world source: Sneaker Politicsadidas Uprising summer camp every year to provide high school students from around the country, a communication skills of the stage, and is the exclusive equipment course matches the impressiveness. This brand also follow the previous model to create a series of special edition shoes for the players, including Harden Vol.1, Crazy Explosive high and low version, a total of three pairs of shoes barrel type, and around the theme of this year's military elements to create, through different color collocation, more integrated into the pattern of camouflage and create a strong fighting spirit. Adidas Gauntlet series of events has been launched in the United States on April 21st, interested in with the game content exploration shoe can refer to Adidas Gauntlet series. This series of shoes is available only to specific competitors and competitors, and there are no plans to go abroad. source: NiceKicks.comNike iD launched a new June Limited "Invisible" material, regardless of low / high tube can be in the shoe body made of transparent material in front of this particular, but also provide a number of different colors to let everyone enjoy the creative; also in the bottom part of Lunarlon, followed by visible air and traditional in the end, the love please hurry to grasp Nike iD ordered a double! source: NIKEiD, on, Twitter1997 Jordan Brand officially became an independent brand, although still belongs to the Nike subsidiary, but in the design, research and development has been operating independently, and at the time of the Jordan Brand brand name in the launch of the first pair of shoes is Jordan Jumpman Pro. The overall design of the Pro Jumpman inherited Air Jordan cheap air jordans 12 shadow, also has a good performance in combat, favored by many players, like Kevin Garnett is a retired Garnett in has not launched personal shoes before ever to wear this pair of shoes in the next game, Jordan Brand Ray Allen star endorsement also have early in the game record. Jordan Jumpman Pro was re engraved in 2008, this year re debut, part of the color has been listed in Taiwan, priced at 4400 yuan. source: Jordan BrandBuddy Hield, the first round of the sixth cis position to join the New Orleans pelicans team NBA rookie, he wore the number 24 shirt student his idol is not others, it is Kobe Bryant, and Kobe in the past not only once on the sidelines watching Buddy Hield play NCAA games, also invited the little old brother taught him skills training. earlier, Nike shared the exclusive player version of the Buddy Hield for color matching, from training with the ball to get Kobe, A.D., PE treatment, I believe Buddy Hield must be happier than anyone else! source: Nike this year the Mississippi State University football team record which is one of the best seasons of history. Adidas has also launched adiZero 5-Star 4 'Mantraflage' for it. In the design of shoe printed about school or is the team's words: 'Hail State', 'Bulldogs',' Maroon 'and' Fight White & Finish Faith 'and' Mississippi State ', and to design the full version of the form similar to the visual effect of camouflage. source: adidasbreaking wind boom is not reduced, the major manufacturers have developed into pneumatic type of road vehicles. Tianjin Fujitec brands to launch new BATTLE road SURMO-CO, is an entry level road vehicle aerodynamics. The tube near the head tube position list SURMO-CO this road car features . Including the use of T700 Carbon fiber raw material, hidden the seat tube cla jordans for sale mp (lock tube), breaking the wind tube type design (broken wind pipe), and a SPEEDHAWK at present also not understand, tentatively known as the eagle of speed. The design of front fork straight , the breaking wind pipe design. To enhance the control performance, but comfort are lacking The design of fork after . Straight after the fork type design of breaking wind pipe flat thin, can play the role of reducing air resistance. As the tube side is relatively wide, the comfort will cause a certain impact. after the fork and the vertical pipe is connected to a position slightly downward, which is aerodynamic frame common approach is to further compressed fork front windward area decrease wind resistance. At the same time, it can make the seat tube has a longer length of deformation, to a certain extent, increase the comfort of the tube. five pass position. BATTLE SURMO-CO BB design PF86 road car by pressing, shaft diameter of 24mm axis. This is the axis specification of highway of the mainstream car, with respect to the GXP version, the axis of the wider, frame five through rigid can do better; with respect to the bb30 specifications, using up more peace of mind, the failure rate is low, long time use is not prone to abnormal sound. frame using the line design, the front end of the outlet position design is reasonable, the line and the line is very smooth. After the caliper tube walk the line, the "right into the left", the decrease in tube wire bending, to enhance the rear brake brake handle role. This is a very mature line design, used in the SURMO-CO is just perfect, it is able to ensure the accuracy and speed of SHIMANO handle. frame in five and the head tube were reserved for the electronic transmission line inlet, means the car can be the perfect support for electronic Cheap foamposites for sale transmission cable kit. The car brake wire is used in ordinary galvanized inside brake core, cause brake feel beaten many discounts, but more. If you replace the two fine grinding of the brake cable core or with Teflon coated wire, the brake handle to get a great improvement. The line below the five position . Line by line pipe to protect the core line, let the wire core by daily sediment, dust pollution. At the same time delay maintenance cycle, make daily maintenance more convenient. 〉US opening night wonderful stadium shoes on the foot, feel the NBA stadium unique scenery. LeBron James / Nike LeBron 13 Pau Gasol / Nike Hyperdunk 2015 PE1_201001260435511EdwS.jpg (36.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-26 08:52 upload 1_201001260436001dB11.jpg (33.01 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-26 08:52 upload 1_201001260436181CUdt.jpg (47.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-26 08:52 upload 1_201001260436321759c.jpg (65.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-26 08:52 upload 0.jpg (55.01 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload will be on sale this weekend's Chicago bulls Air Jordan 1 High OG color Jordan Brand shoes is undoubtedly one of the 30th anniversary most noteworthy, before the official engraved on the shelves in this classic, we may wish to look at the comparison from 1985 to 2015, from the first year to year engraved version four. 1.jpg (52.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 2.jpg (52.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 3.jpg (65.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 4.jpg (44.66 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 5.jpg (46.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 6.jpg (43.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 7.jpg (44.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-28 08:23 upload 8.jpg (53.18 KB, download number: 0) download nEngraved shoes will be officially launched in December 28th this year Air item: 555088-023 release date: December 28th related information:??????? ? to do the "1626 books" column work actually small B Jun is a little selfish, is something special to write reviews, such as can not regularly released in a fashion website, ha ha ~ think one thing is very cool. In addition, I hope that among these, you can bring positive energy. What? - ? ?? B is very fond of Hong Kong films, because the geographical position is approaching, so I grew up smoking Hong Kong films, a lot of milk grow up. In recent years, said that "the Hong Kong film is dead, I think it is the industry doing the abuse of jig, now really stay must be in Hongkong in the film industry elite, unlike in the past when the booming film market what are out of order. In the past year, Xiao Bian felt that "Golden Rooster SSS" is a very good work. Besides moving, it can give people the courage to die. What? - ? finished brushing and just got home is also Kim Sandra Ng ? ?In fact, as early as in Hongkong after the "Golden Rooster SSS" I just want to write down, but which involves a large number of spoilers, or stop me. "Golden rooster" series came to the third "Golden Rooster SSS", I think this is the best one. It's not easy to make someone laugh, but it's harder to laugh with tears. Anthony Wong classical bargain, Huang Zihua starred, Chapman To to poor milk woman, Wang Wanzhi's performance, Lu Haipeng constantly try Amy, Louis Koo make rotten gag, basic shore long? I laughed. Ronald Cheng, Eason Chan Nick Cheung, Nick Cheung sang, Kim Nick Cheung to know the truth? I have wet eyes?. The age of / is changing. Who can change? This? ten years, everything is changing, akin to the club from the fish balls sister to the first floor to mother Sandra Ng repeatedly, I became a mother. "Old shit (when) has already washed away" (Translation: the old things have passed) a "world" (Translation: karma in the world all changed), the name of nostalgia comedy "golden lable" to say to you is to be move on. You can have a telephone service, clients need to fully take care of, the arts, entertainment, China Japanese tourists row concert tickets and parade horses?? of course there is good environment, environment is not good, what to do, time is changing, you stand still is a step backwards. For the "I make a living, what can be done, but I can be myself" (Translation: in order to survive, what I can do, but not without their own.) That is, while Kim Kim, human beings and righteousness. Help Xuexue find Jiangmen, Louis Koo and Shawn Yue 4P, his body odor Indoorsman please female fun, take care of big has been Nick Cheung, who said the reopening of the rich?? we can not find that Kim, who dare to say what will change? Change is survival skills, survival needs progress, because only live, live well, you have the right to talk is booming, ! Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" of the market, let the big shoes popular. New Balance recently released the new [Elite Edition] M999SBG double color, with bright red suede shoes with white leather structure, and grey mesh, then white and black collocation N word logo followed by 999 words and other details, lightweight ABZORB air sole. Don't miss your favorite friends. read Wei little new favorite / Russell Westbrook Pro Air Jordan XX9 thunder team home PE adorable new equipment / Stephen Curry Under Armour Micro G Drive HD / Nike Air Foamposite One deep mining / not talking about shoes you don't know - shoes elements invading the movie world goddess favorite sports shoes thematic planning -- let your feet as a second leg! / JBF Customs red snake dispatched to create "GTD" Nike Air Max 1 custom shoes Adidas Originals 2014 spring / summer modern ZX 700 new color series comments on : a red snake dispatched to create GTD / JBF Customs Nike Air Max 1 custom shoes, a modern Adidas Originals 2014 spring / summer 700 ZX new color series City runners work hard day and night to promote the professional running shoes brand New Balance to take care of their needs, especially the New Balance REVlite running shoes series. The Fantom Fit stability system is adopted on the running shoe upper, and the ventilation mesh material is adopted. The seamless design technique is adopted to make the material. It is equipped with REVlite super light weight midsole, ABZORB , Crash , Pad , cushion and , Ortholite insole, and finally equipped with enhanced resilience Podular structure. The extraordinary cushioning technology and light weight of the shoes help runners not only lighten the burden, but also turn the resistance into power. Besides, the bright and bright color matching makes the runners become the unique scenic spots of the city! Like 〉