Our Members

ÖKOBÜRO is the Alliance of the Austrian Environmental Movement

ÄGU - Austrian Doctors For A Healthy Environment

The Ärztinnen und Ärzte für eine gesunde Umwelt (ÄGU - Austrian Doctors for a Healthy Environment) emerged in 1989 from the Tyrolean association "Ärzte gegen Transit" (Doctors against Transit) in Innsbruck. It promotes interdisciplinary cooperation on ecological issues and also addresses social, economic and political issues. The ÄGU is committed to healthy management and a stronger orientation of health policy towards prevention. Health and environmental aspects should be taken into account in all political decisions. To this end, the ÄGU develops concrete implementation and change strategies and provides information on the connections between ecology and health both among physicians and among the general public.


Working for seed rights and celebrating diversity! The association ARCHE NOAH (Noah's ark) was founded in 1989 as an initiative that literally wanted to take seeds as the basis of nutrition back into their own hands. Since 1900, the diversity of our crops has dramatically declined - by 75% - due to the industrialisation of agriculture worldwide! Today, genetic engineering, seed monopolies, climate change and wars threaten this precious heritage. ARCHE NOAH has a positive vision and numerous activities to counter this: ARCHE NOAH preserves and maintains thousands of endangered vegetable, fruit and grain varieties. It is successfully working to bring traditional and rare varieties back into the gardens and onto the market - thanks to the support of over 17,000 dedicated members and sponsors.

atomstopp_atomkraftfrei leben!

atomstopp_atomkraftfrei leben! is a non-profit, non-party association whose roots go back to the time of the protests against the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant. What we want is the European nuclear phase-out and ultimately the total renunciation of the use of nuclear energy worldwide. We see the way to this goal in the abolition of the European Atomic Energy Community (short EAEC or EURATOM) in order to stop the one-sided privileges of the nuclear industry, in the prevention of lifetime extensions of old reactors as well as new nuclear power plants as alleged climate saviors, in the fight for a unified, appropriate liability obligation for nuclear power plant operators as well as in lobbying for renewable energies. Our tools are educational- and press relations, ongoing information for interested parties, lobbying with politicians and opinion leaders, networking with anti-nuclear organizations throughout Europe - all mixed with a good dose of actionism if needed!

Austrian Institute of Ecology

The Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut (Austrian Institute of Ecology) was founded in Vienna in 1985 as an independent, non-profit research association and is committed to the change towards a sustainable society. With all its activities, the association aims at curbing man-made climate change and supports the decarbonisation of Austria. The Austrian Ecology Institute focuses on four main areas of work: Construction, Urban and Regional Development - Resource Management - Communication, Information and Participation - Society, Science and Technology.

Climate Alliance Austria

Klimabündnis Österreich (Climate Alliance Austria) is actively committed to climate protection, climate justice and a sustainable lifestyle. To this end, the Climate Alliance is establishing a global network of committed cities and municipalities as well as local actors. In Austria more than 950 Climate Alliance municipalities form the largest municipal climate protection network in the country. Klimabündnis raises awareness, develops offers to participate and provides support in practical implementation. Through its actions Climate Alliance wants to be a role model. Since 1993 the partnership of Austrian Climate Alliance communities, cities, provinces, businesses and educational institutions with indigenous peoples at the Rio Negro in Brazil has been in existence. Support for the indigenous partners is provided directly and indirectly in three ways - non-material, political and financial.  Securing the region as indigenous territory permanently protects a rainforest area of more than 11 million hectares. With 122,000 km², this habitat is larger than Austria and Slovenia combined.


Since 1988 DIE UMWELTBERATUNG (Eco Counselling) has been advising and motivating private individuals, businesses, organisations, educational and administrative institutions on ecological lifestyles and sustainable management. It provides independent and individual advice. From the beginning, ecological cleaning, healthy nutrition, waste avoidance, energy saving and ecological building and living have been the main topics. In the course of the years two more were added. In 2000, the consultations on nature-oriented gardening began, and in 2006 the work on eco-textiles began.

Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt

Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt (Forum Science & Environment) is an independent association of about 250 scientists who make interdisciplinary contributions to a sustainable development of environment, society and economy. Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt produces expertises, reports and studies, organises scientific projects and events and advises decision-makers.


FOUR PAWS is an international animal protection organisation founded and based in Vienna and is committed to ensuring that people treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding. Since 1988, FOUR PAWS has been helping wild animals in captivity, farm animals, pets and strays to live in dignity and in accordance with their species. With offices in more than ten countries, the foundation works for sustainable improvements on political, social and economic levels. This is based on scientific expertise, sound research and intensive national and international lobbying. With individual campaigns and extensive educational work, FOUR PAWS gives animals a much needed voice, and with its own aid projects, the foundation creates opportunities for a new life. FOUR PAWS works in a solution-oriented manner and offers animals in need quick first-hand help. The goal is to achieve and establish changes in politics, economy and society for the benefit of animals - with projects, campaigns and educational work.

GLOBAL 2000 / Friends of the Earth Austria

GLOBAL 2000 is Austria's leading, independent environmental protection organisation and, as an active part of Friends of the Earth International, fights for an intact environment, a future-proof society and sustainable economic activity. GLOBAL 2000 does everything in its power to change our world for the better. No matter what environmental protection issue is at stake: GLOBAL 2000 is not simply against something, the association is committed to the good and the beautiful. Because it is wonderful to be able to bite into an organic apple without hesitation, to offer your children healthy, varied food and to be able to use intact habitats where people, animals and plants live together peacefully. GLOBAL 2000 deals intensively with all topics, with all those involved and actively seeks alternatives and innovations. Together they develop feasible solutions, never giving up and persisting until the goal is achieved.


As an independent platform since 2011 JUMP offers young adults from all over Austria opportunities for participation, capacity building and personal orientation in the area of environment and sustainability. JUMP offers young people aged 16 and over a variety of opportunities to get a taste of the environmental sector, to immerse themselves and to network! With events, seminars and printed material, JUMP provides the necessary tools for orientation, training or to become active yourself!


The research community LANIUS has its main focus of action in the regions Wachau, southern Waldviertel and Mostviertel. Especially in these regions, since 1990, the association has been preserving and maintaining high-quality nature conservation areas and carrying out scientific projects for the protection of flora and fauna. In addition, LANIUS contributes its nature conservation expertise to environmental approval procedures under environmental law.

Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union Austria

The Naturschutzbund (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) is guided by the idea of passing on to future generations a piece of unused nature, even wilderness, and giving endangered species space to live. For more than 100 years, their volunteers have been fighting for the preservation of Austria's natural jewels. They are supported by a professional federal office and regional offices in all provinces. As an advocate for nature, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union reacts to current threats and initiates active nature conservation projects. In addition, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union is also intensively committed to renewable energy sources.

Naturefriends International (NFI)

Vienna-based Naturefriends International (Naturefriends International - NFI) is the umbrella organisation of approximately 45 national member organisations and is itself member of the Green 10, a platform of the ten largest European environmental NGOs. Naturefriends are a democratically organised movement committed to ecological and sociopolitical causes. Aims of their activities are sustainable development of the environment and the society at the regional, national and global level. NFI is committed to nature and climate protection, sustainable regional development and a strong civil society. A particular focus is on the environmentally and socially compatible design of tourism and leisure activities.


Since 1983, the Umweltspürnasen-Club (Eco-tracking noses club) has been sending children in small groups on expeditions to different habitats and inspiring them with microscope and experiments for the world of science at the same time. The young nature researchers are supported by scientists from biology, ecology and landscape planning, who are specially trained by the Umweltspürnasen-Club to work with groups of children and school classes. In this way, the young researchers learn how to design a "mini pond" in a jar of cucumbers, create nesting aids for different garden inhabitants or test polluted stream water. Henceforth, ecological relationships, biodiversity and the microcosm will not only be chapter headings in their textbooks, but they will be thought through, experienced with all their senses and anchored in their consciousness.


VCÖ is a public-benefit organisation specialising in mobility and transport. The aim of VCÖ is an ecologically compatible, economically efficient and socially equitable transport system. An intact environment as a livelihood for future generations is a central concern of VCÖ. The view of VCÖ is globally oriented, cross-thematic and takes into account the interests of future generations. VCÖ was founded in 1988 and works on a European level together with the umbrella organisation Transport & Environment for a climate-friendly transport system.

WWF Austria

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest nature and environmental protection organisations in the world. It has offices in 80 countries and implements species protection projects in a total of 150 countries with over 6,000 full-time employees. WWF Austria has been active in nature conservation since 1963. WWF wants to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and create a future in which man and nature live in harmony. Its objectives are to preserve the biological diversity of the earth, to promote the nature-compatible use of renewable resources and to prevent environmental pollution and the waste of natural resources. In Austria, WWF is particularly committed to the preservation of the last semi-natural rivers and floodplain landscapes, the protection of endangered species and climate protection measures.