Our Networks


Austrian ALLIANZ FÜR KLIMAGERECHTIGKEIT (Alliance for Climate Justice) serves as a permanent theme platform for Austrian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active in the fields of the environment, development cooperation, social affairs and humanitarian aid. It advocates more climate protection in Austria and international climate justice and aims to raise awareness among the general public, opinion formers, authorities and decision makers of the relationship between climate and development.


The BÜNDNIS FÜR GEMEINNUTZIGKEIT (Alliance for Public Benefit) is an alliance of Austrian associations and networks with more than 1,000 member organisations from the fields of social welfare, employment, inclusion, culture, the environment and development cooperation. As an informal umbrella organisation, the Alliance is committed to the concerns of organised civil society, in particular the promotion of the voluntary sector, charity and work for the common good, as well as structured integration into legislation and transparency within the framework of a dialogue-oriented democracy.


EEB acts on a European level similar to ÖKOBÜRO in Austria. Our European umbrella organisation represents around 150 member organisations from all EU states in Brussels.

EEB's numerous working groups deal with topics such as environmental law, biodiversity, air, chemicals, waste and water. The EEB informs ÖKOBÜRO about current topics at EU level, organises events and implements projects on specific topics. Conversely, ÖKOBÜRO participates in working groups and actions of the EEB.


The INITIATIVE ZIVILGESELLSCHAFT (Civil Society Initiative) brings together organisations, projects and actors of civil society throughout Austria who consider a change in society as a whole to be necessary. They do this with the intention of jointly forming an effective social force in order to actively prepare for and help shape the necessary change.


JUSTICE AND ENVIRONMENT (J&E) is an association of environmental lawyers from 13 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Slovenia). 

At EU level, J&E is known above all for its work in the field of environmental assessments (environmental impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments, deterioration assessments) and activities in connection with international treaties (Aarhus Convention, Espoo Convention).

ÖGUT: Austrian Society for Environment and Technology

ÖGUT is an independent non-profit organisation that has been committed for more than 30 years to a sustainable orientation of business and society. As a platform for this development, ÖGUT networks more than 100 organisations and institutions from business, administration and environmental protection.

OEGUT sees itself as a modern platform with the task of taking visions and ideas, making them realizable and carrying them into the future. This involves important dimensions of our society: the economy and environment, scientific research, diversity and democracy.https://www.oegut.at/en/

ÖWAV: Austrian Water and Waste Management Association

ÖWAV is a non-profit association that is committed to the sustainable goals of water, wastewater and waste management. As an independent platform, it serves to balance the interests of its members and provide them with information, organises training and further education and advises them in the legislative process.

ÖWAV unifies scientific institutions, associations and federations, law firms and companies from trade, production, the construction industry and flood protection.


SDG Watch Austria is an association of more than 160 civil society and non-profit organisations. Together, we are committed to the ambitious implementation of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and the achievement of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Austria. Membership of SDG Watch Europe also enables us to work together for Agenda 2030 in Europe.https://sdgwatch.at/en/


In view of the threatening developments for democracy in Austria, the undersigned organisations conclude a solidarity pact for the protection and expansion of civil society scope for action, social security and democracy. We commit ourselves together - as before - to raise our voices and to work for the preservation and expansion of fundamental rights as well as the legal, economic and social framework conditions for civil society, trade union action and democracy. Should single population groups or organisations be subjected to state repression, we will jointly and in solidarity provide assistance and take action.