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Environmental law on the Internet

An overview of sources of information concerning Austrian and European environmental law.

Important sites for basic information on environmental law

  • ÖKOBÜRO Information Texts: As a start we recommend our free information texts. We have provided a brief and concise overview of various areas of (environmental) law to help you find your way around (in German only)
  • The Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) provides general information on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and corporate environmental management.
  • Help.gv: is a cross-authority platform that sees itself as a hub between authorities and citizens, provides information about official channels in Austria and in some cases allows them to be completed electronically.
  • Umweltrechtsblog: Environmental law blog with analyses and comments on laws and court decisions (in German only).
  • Umweltbundesamt EIA-Database: Overview of and documents on ongoing and completed EIA procedures provided by the Austrian Federal Environment Agency (in German only).
  • Open Government Data: An introduction to the principle of publicity in the Austrian administration (in German only).
  • Open Data Österreich: National portal for the search of data records, documents, information and applications from the Austrian administration (in German only).

Websites supporting citizens' initiatives

  • Grün-Alternativer Verein zur Unterstützung von BürgerInneninitiativen (BIV): The BIV is a non-profit association that financially supports citizens' initiatives that are committed to the protection of the environment or basic and human rights. The focus is on shares in the costs of experts and lawyers' fees in the context of administrative proceedings or civil lawsuits (in German only).
  • AKTION 21: AKTION 21 Austria - PRO CITIZENS' PARTICIPATION is a non-partisan and independent association of citizens' initiatives with the aim of achieving effective participation of the population in all plans and projects that can have a lasting effect on their quality of life (in German only).

Federal Legal Information System (RIS)

RIS is an electronic database operated by the Federal Chancellery. Its purpose is to announce the legal acts to be published in the Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) and to provide information on the law (federal, provincial, municipal, jurisdictional) of the Republic of Austria .

Website of the Austrian Parliament

  • English Homepage: Very useful information on the legislative process and parliamentary events     
  • Media Library: Streams of meetings of both Houses of Parliament and several Clips about parliamentarism (in German only)

Websites of Austrian Courts

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