Advice on Environmental Law

Advice for environmental organisations, citizens' initiatives and individuals

As part of our Environmental Law Advisory Service, we have been providing advice on issues since 2003. As a basis we also provide information texts on environmental law (in German only) and report on current Austrian, European and international developments in our Newsflash Environmental Law .

Environmental Law Advisory Service

We advise you on legal environmental issues!
You have an environmental law question or a case? ÖKOBÜRO offers a free initial legal consultation. We support and advise individuals, environmental protection organisations and citizens' initiatives in their work by e-mail, telephone or at a personal meeting. Depending on how extensive the question is, we can provide immediate information or create an overview to help you.

Step 1: Consultation by e-mail
The easiest way to get advice is by e-mail. Send us a short description of your case and specific questions and we will process them as quickly as possible. You are welcome to send us your documents. Important information that we need to assess most topics is:

  • Is there a proceeding going on?
  • If so, are you a party to the procedure?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What exactly do you want to know?

Step 2: Telephone consultation and personal meetings
If the case is more complex, we can also offer a personal meeting or a telephone call. However, we would still ask you to inform us in advance by e-mail and describe your case to us. We will then call you back or arrange a personal consultation with you.

Self-research with our information texts on environmental law
For a start, we recommend a glance at our information texts. We have provided a brief and concise overview of various legal areas to help you find your way around.  

Always up to date: our Environmental Law Newsflash
There is a lot going on in environmental law. In order to always know what is happening, we send out the Environmental Law Newsflash seven times a year free of charge. We offer quick and easy information on amendments to laws and explain European law and court rulings in an understandable way.

Our Environmental LawNewsflash is in German but provides English summaries as well.

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We work carefully and respond to each request individually. However, we cannot guarantee that we are fully aware of every aspect of every case and therefore cannot accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

The ÖKOBÜRO Environmental Law Advisory Service is supported by the Federal Ministry for Environment.