Vision & Mission

Our vision for 2050

The goal of our work is to help create
an Austria, a Europe and a world,
in which...

...a strong civil society
is a cornerstone of democracy
ensuring freedom, solidarity and sustainability
in equal measure,

...humans respect the finiteness of resources,
their responsibility towards the climate,
the preservation of the diversity of life,
and animal welfare,

...the knowledge of many different people
leads to better decisions than
the assertiveness of a few like-minded people, and

...the economy heeds the limits of the planet and
serves mankind.

Our mission

ÖKOBÜRO is an alliance independent of the state, political parties and companies that fights for the rights of the environmental movement. Together we are committed to adopting a sustainable approach towards our environment, a strong civil society, and a democratic constitutional state. In this alliance, we unite the strength and expertise of our member organisations.

ÖKOBÜRO develops legal and political solutions to help deal with conflicts concerning the use and protection of the environment. Through this, we aim to strengthen environmental protection in the balance of interests between civil society, state and economy. To this end, we prepare factual analyses, conduct political discussions and participate in strategically important environmental procedures.