Discussions and Actions on Climate and Environment

DACE - An initiative to promote knowledge and implementation of climate rights

As part of the Justice and Environment (J&E) network, six environmental rights organizations from Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Spain and Austria, including ÖKOBÜRO - Alliance of the Environmental Movement, are working to raise awareness at the interface of law and climate as part of the EU-funded grant project "Discussions and Actions on Climate and Environment" (DACE).

The aim of DACE is to raise awareness of climate rights among EU citizens. This includes how adaptation measures to climate change can be demanded from decision-makers and which rights citizens can assert for stronger climate protection. The project supports the climate goals of the European Green Deal and the EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and will run from 2022 to 2024.
The following actions are planned as part of the project:

  • Surveys and interviews to determine public perceptions and opinions on climate rights and climate change adaptation.
  • national events targeting citizens, NGOs and other stakeholders to discuss climate change adaptation and climate rights issues
  • a final event where the participating organizations share their experiences and knowledge with national stakeholders and the EU Commission, formulate positions and communicate them to EU decision makers.

The results of the project will have an impact on the EU and thus on national policies for adaptation to climate change. The project aims to reach a large number of citizens not only in the project countries, but across the EU.
Contact person for the DACE project at ÖKOBÜRO is Veronika Marhold. If you have any questions, please contact veronika.marhold@oekobuero.at.

Project Website

This project is funded by the European Union.